Learning German through Social Media

Today, the Groupon deal for Livemocha caught my attention.  A few weeks ago, I stopped my German tutoring sessions because they were getting too expensive, and I was finding it difficult to schedule the time.  If it works, the price of Livemocha is very appealing ($100 for one-year, or only $39 with the Groupon!).

Of course, the first thing I did was a quick Google on the subject.  I found a helpful YouTube video that demonstrated the functions of Livemocha.  It is an online language learning course.  It also has a built-in social network, so native speakers can review your writing and speaking.  It is also possible find a tutor or a language partner on this site.

TopTen reviews named Livemocha number 2 in the learn German online review.  It was second to TOTALe German by Rosetta stone.  Livemocha seemed to be the more cost-efficient option. On toptenreviews.com, the major complaint was that the audio is not as advanced as other ones out there.

I talked to Dave about buying the Groupon.  He said that I am probably beyond what Livemocha can teach me, and that I need to talk to people more.  I feel that my German is “sehr schleckt” so I disagreed that it wouldn’t help me learn.

Tonight (after being frustrated by making negative progress with research), I decided to test out Livemocha for myself.  It turns out that there is a free trial of the system.  You can do most things for free actually.  You start with 200 free tokens.  Each course is broken up into units, which are further broken into Lessons.  Each piece of a lesson costs some number of tokens.  You can earn more tokens by providing feedback on other user’s speech and writing exercises, which seemed fair to me.

In one respect, I think that Dave was right.  I tried a few different types of exercise to see how it worked.   I even submitted a writing sample to be reviewed (still waiting for some review to come back though).  Then, I reviewed a few people’s English exercises to learn a bit more about what the site was about.  I did the exercises in the German Level 3 course. I found them to be quite simple, so I assume that I am in Level 4.  Unfortunately, there are only 4 German courses, so this is the most advanced course.  However, my knowledge is not perfect.  By working on these exercises, I learned a few words (such as Ergbnis means result/outcome) and was reminded of a few things that I have forgotten (such as to lookup/inform oneself is the reflexive verb sich informieren. I always forget the reflexive part of that verb).

So, I think I will buy the Groupon.  I want to explore the social networking aspect of this site a little more, and perhaps talk online with someone in German.


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6 Responses to “Learning German through Social Media”

  1. Shirley Williams Says:

    I am intrigued on the outcome of your experiment.

  2. Amanda Says:

    I am curious if you did in fact buy the groupon & if so, how do you redeem it for an online course? I purchased one myself in January & have yet to redeem it b/c I can’t figure out how?! lol I don’t know who to ask/how to figure it out. I have until July to redeem it so I have some time, but I’d like to get on it ASAP. Can you help?

    • bfasy Says:

      Hi Amanda,

      I didn’t post my follow-up review on this yet. After playing around with livemocha, I decided that it was not worth buying the groupon. You can “buy” credits by reviewing other people’s work. And, if you become an expert reviewer, you have gold key access.

      However, I do know how to redeem your credit. Go to http://www.livemocha.com, then on the bottom right there is a link “Redeem your access code here”. I believe that is where you would enter in your code. After that, you will be prompted to sign in or to create an account.

      Good luck with learning your language! (What language is it anyway?)



      • Amanda Says:

        Thank you for your reply… I have an account & started the free lesson & that’s why I figured I’d get the groupon, it was for six months at like 25$ so I figured can’t go wrong. lol I’m looking to learn Spanish… been wanting to for some time but all the programs in town are in the hundreds of dollars & many at night which isn’t possible for me as I’m a single Mom. 🙂 So this should be nice… if I can redeem my groupon, lol. I’ll have to look where you mentioned, I didn’t see it earlier before I stumbled on your blog. I was looking for ‘contact us’ or something but there wasn’t anything.

        Anyway, I appreciate your response… and so quick!! 😉 Take care.

      • bfasy Says:

        Good luck! I do enjoy the site. You can chat with people on it, which really helps.

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