Back in the USA!

Yesterday, I flew back to the USA.  I walked out of Europe in the “citizens/EU” line because the foreigner line was too long … no questions were asked.  When I came back, I wrote that I was a US citizen, but a visitor to the states on the declaration form.  It worked quite well.  This is the first time I did not get 600 questions upon re-entering the USA.

I managed (luckily) to work the whole plane ride.  While eating lunch, I decided to take a break to watch a TV show.  The selection was quite poor this time round.  The Golden Girl episode was the same as the Golden Girl episode that I watched going to Europe in September!  And, there were fewer choices for episodes to watch then there usually are.  But, I watched 30 Rock.  It was the first time that I have seen that show.  It seemed pretty good.


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