Six New TV Shows

[UPDATE: I totally can’t count.  The first time I posted this, the title was “four new TV shows”]
Someone mentioned to me that there were a lot of new TV shows this fall, so I decided to watch some of them.  Below, I’ve ordered them from my favorite (1) to my least favorite (6).  I would recommend checking out shows 1-4.  I don’t think any of these will replace Desperate Housewives though.
  1. RINGER  — This show stars Sarah Michelle Gellar.  She plays twin sisters, Bridgit and Siobhan, who have grown apart.  Bridgit was a key witness in a murder trial, and flees the night before the trial was supposed to begin.  She and Siobhan reunite, but Siobhan stages her own death.  So, Bridgit assumes Siobhan’s identity, to find out that Siobhan has many hidden secrets.  Although the plot is absurd, I do admit that I enjoyed watching it.
  2. PAN AM —  Pan am is about the crew on a cross-Atlantic carrier, set in the 1960s.  Not only is this show set in the 60s, but they use the historical events to enhance the episodes.  For example, one episode, entitled “ich bin ein Berliner” was centered on Kennedy’s speech in Berlin.  To add some mystery to the show, one of the flight attendants is acting as a courier for the CIA or some other agency.
  3. REVENGE — Emily Thorne (formerly Amanda Clark) moves into the Hamptons.  She was there as a child when her father was un-rightfully arrested.  She is back with one goal: to seek revenge on those who helped put her father behind bars.  The plot is predictable, but addicting.  You want to watch her bring these rich people down!
  4. THE SECRET CIRCLE — In this show, a young girl finds out that she is a witch after her mother dies (is murdered by another witch).  She learns that there are dark secrets in the past that the adults refuse to speak about.  The characters are too young for me to identify with.  Agh, I’m getting old!  [As an update, I decided to watch the 2nd episode, and now find it a bit more interesting.  I now think of this show as a better version of Charmed (which I guess doesn’t say much since I didn’t really like that show).]
  5. PERSON OF INTEREST —  A rich man somehow has the ability to know that a crime is about to be committed.  He seeks the assistance of a CIA agent in hiding to help him stop the crime before it happens.  I wasn’t really captivated by the plot.  I’d prefer Law & Order.
  6. UP ALL NIGHT — This comedy, starring Christina Applegate and Will Arnett, is about a couple who had a baby.  She goes back to work, and he becomes a stay-at-home dad.  I did not find this show particularly funny.  The characters actually annoyed me a little.  Perhaps if you like the Office you would also like this show (I also found the characters on that show annoying).  As a plus, this show is only 30 minutes long.

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5 Responses to “Six New TV Shows”

  1. Terese Fasy Says:

    Good picks, Brit! I also suggest two series on Showtime that I recently discovered: Homeland and Shamless. Excellent!!

  2. Terese Fasy Says:

    Opps – I meant “Shameless”!

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