Going Bald


My friend Darrell is going bald. And, he’s auctioning off the honor of getting to cut off his hair!

All donations will go to St. Baldrick’s Foundation, an organization that funds childhood cancer research. Today is the last day to make a donation for this event (although you can still donate after the event).  Even a small amount is appreciated, as every dollar counts!  Two hundred people donating $1 is $200.

Now, for some persuasion.  Why should you want to donate?  About 10,000 children are diagnosed with cancer each year, in the United States alone.  Only four out of every five children will win the battle against cancer.  Think of how many lives could be saved by increasing this rate … even just a small amount.

On another note, Darrell’s nickname is Shady. After he removes his long locks, I don’t think he’ll be as shady. For this reason, I might need to change his nickname. Current forerunners are: sparky, baldy, princess, munchkin, and bob. Any thoughts?


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3 Responses to “Going Bald”

  1. KitKat Says:

    He might come to Austria and kill you in your sleep if you ever call him bob.
    It would be funny if you called him “baldy” even after his hair grew back.

    • bfasy Says:

      Baldy might get to his head. (haha … after writing this, I realize the pun). He might think that the “OLd Baldy” lighthouse on Bald Head Island is named after him.

      • KitKat Says:

        I’d help you come up with something, but I never called him “Shady” so I suppose that’s up to you. I call him “Master” – but soon enough he’ll have a higher title (that would TOTALLY get to his head 😉 )

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