Lizzy Ross

Tonight, Dave and I went to see the Lizzy Ross Band at Local 506.  We arrived in time to see the 2nd opener,  The Broadcast.  We enjoyed watching this band from Asheville perform, and later Dave wound up talking to the drummer, Michael Davis, for some time.

Although we sat during the Broadcast, we decided to stand for the Lizzy Ross Band.  It was a fun concert.  They played some of the songs that we recognized from their old CD, some that we didn’t recognize from their old CD, a cover of a Beatles’ s song, and a new song that they’ve never performed before.  It was a good concert.

That being said, it was sometimes a little hard to enjoy the concert for fear of being trampled by a very drunk (and probably high on something) girl standing in front of us.  At first, we thought her level of enthusiasm was funny.  Then, her version of dancing … which involved bending over and pausing from anywhere between 1 second to 2 minutes, flailing her arms violently, kicking in every direction, and twirling …. became downright frightening as she had zero awareness of anything or anyone around her.  She stepped on my foot causing me to push her away from me, and didn’t notice either event.  After this, Dave and I switched spots.  His comment “I didn’t know I was supposed to bring a cup to this concert.”  Anyway, we survived.  And, Dave managed to keep me from kicking her.  Double bonus.

After the concert, we hung out and talked to Michael from the Broadcast.  It turns out that he and Dave have a drummer-relationship.  His drum teacher’s drum teacher was Dave’s drum teacher.  No wonder Dave said “I like this drummer” shortly into their first song.

And, at the very end of the evening we got to say hello (briefly) to Lizzy Ross.  Her comment to us was “It was cute that you came up front.”  Maybe the part that she left out of her sentence was “and risked your lives by standing near the wild dancer.”


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