Nabucco: A Restaurant to Avoid in Kirchberg

For my birthday weekend, Dave and Frank met me in Kirchberg in Tirol.  Today’s post is inspired by dinner last night, at an Italian restaurant called Nabucco in Kirchberg.  This restaurant cares only about making money during their ski season, and not at all about their customers.  This post is about my experience attempting to dine at Nabucco.

After ordering our  drinks, I asked the waiter to bring us tap water (in German, politely), to which I was told “we can’t do that” (in English).  My immediate response was a strange look to the man, as I said “I think you can”.  Then he tries to tell me that water is not on the menu, so he cannot serve it to  me.  A rather intricate discussion ensues, which was ended with me giving in because Dave looked tired and I was hungry.  Then, a younger server came over (I think the other man was the owner) asking if we needed anything, again, I told him that I just wanted water.  He also told me that water was not on the menu.

In general, I would have left with the refusal to serve me tap water, however, it was getting late, and I was hungry.  So, I settled for drinking my Martini Bianco.   Then, comes the dinner.  I ordered a Margarita Pizza.  It had no BASIL!  According to Frank (and me too), the basil is one of the 3 important (and only) ingredients of this pizza.  The red tomato sauce was also not that good.  Regardless, I paid for my meal at the end.

When I paid, I made it a point to tell the young waiter that I did not tip him because I found it to be ridiculous that they would not serve us tap water.  He said that he understood, but the old Italian man heard us talking and decided to step in.  This is where it got interesting.

The Italian man began his “conversation” with me by snapping that they don’t need my tip.  He was yelling at me at the front of the restaurant, trying to convince me that he can’t serve tap water because his prices are so good and that everything is included in the prices.  It was a little awkward when another patron tried to leave the restaurant.  I tried to tell him that offering water would not put him out of business, but he would not understand.  He said that if he let me have water, then he would have to let everyone have water.

I told him that he lost money that night by not serving me water, as I would have liked to order more than just an Appertiv with dinner.  We were planning on buying a bottle of wine, but changed those plans after the water incident.  His response?  I don’t care, I don’t need you to buy a bottle of wine.

Then, I asked if he cared about his customers, to which he responded (loudly and in front of other customers too) “no, I don’t care about my customers.  I have only 3 months to make money a year.”  Later, we began to wonder, why would someone complain if they had 9 months of vacation a year?  If it was a money-issue, they clearly should find a new location for their restaurant …

Since he didn’t care about his customers, I asked if he cared about reviews.  He said that he did not care about reviews either, because he didn’t need them.  This seemed to be inconsistent with the fact that he needed business during three months of the year, but oh well …

Feeling a bit annoyed at his temperament with me, I asked him why he was so angry.  He then told me that I was rude.  He said that he didn’t bring me the water because of the HOW  I asked for it, I DEMANDED it he said.  Then, he said “people come from America and demand things.”  So, I quickly said, “I am living in Vienna.”  To which he responded, “I don’t care.   This is not Vienna.  We are an Italian restaurant.”  I don’t understand how I was rude.  I addressed him politely in the question, in German nonetheless.  So, I said, “you are wrong.  I asked you politely.  In fact, I asked you in German since we are in Austria and you responded in English.  You are the one who was rude to me.”  I believe this sent him on a 5 minute litany, half of which my jaw was dropped for and the other half of which I was laughing uncontrollably (in my defense, I did not know that I was laughing, Dave and Frank told me this later).

Meanwhile, the younger waiter was telling Dave and Frank about how he used to live in New York and about his vacation in Secaucus.

Given this horrendous experience, I would like to re-name this restaurant “No-Go Nabucco”.


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3 Responses to “Nabucco: A Restaurant to Avoid in Kirchberg”

  1. Terese Fasy Says:

    I think it is quite evident that the owner did not like Americans!

  2. Michael K. Says:

    Hilarious story! Brit, we have to go to Cafe Hawelka, the ultimately most unfriendly place in Vienna. I would like to see your performance there.

  3. Peter Allen Says:

    The Nabucco is one of the nicest of all the nice restaraunts in Kirchberg. I have been many times and always enjoyed the excellent food and service, usually accompanied by a gratis drink from the owner. If they are still in the open season next Monday we will be paying a visit and look forward to it very much

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