A New Career

a photo of Andy's overgrown wig

Andy Before

About two weeks ago, Andy asked me to cut his hair.  This was after I told him that my Kathy and I used to cut our friend’s hair in college.  (The first time we did it, our friend cried).  Nonetheless, I am experienced in cutting hair.

I told him not to expect much, but that  … if he really wanted … I would cut his hair.  And so, I cut his hair.  Perhaps it was more of laziness on his part than his confidence in my ability.

I thought I did a pretty good job.  The only trouble was that I did not know how to finish the front.  Somewhere along the way, Morten said that he looked like Justin Bieber.  I didn’t know who he was, but then I looked at Andy and realized that I saw his face on a magazine once.  And so, I just kept cutting until I had no more options.  At the end, Morten said “you should have just left it at Justin Bieber.”  I don’t think it was that bad:


a front view of Andy's new 'do

After the Haircut

After Andy's Haircut

Another View of the new 'do

After the haircut, Andy decided that he need to get it professionally touched-up.  So, he asked Morten where he goes to get his haircut.  [[The back-story:  The last time Morten had his haircut, he accidentally asked his hairdresser out on a date.  After an awkward conversation, it was cleared up.  Ever since then, I have been joking that Morten is dating his hairdresser Sophie.]]  Morten told Andy where to go get his haircut in Vienna, but did not clarify that Sophie was not in fact his girlfriend.  When Andy returned (with only slight modifications to his haircut), he said the following “well, it is quite funny that Morten’s girlfriend doesn’t even know his name.”  And, that was the end of Morten and Sophie’s love-life.  Poor Morten also has to find a new hairdresser.


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