Birthday Celebration

We surprise Herbert on his birthday

Herbert's reaction to us singing happy birthday at the Prater

For Herbert’s birthday this year, we threw him a small surprise party.  And, he was quite surprised when we came out of no-where and started singing “Happy Birthday” to him as he was walking around the Prater with Letta.

For the party, we spent 2 hours at the amusement park, where we rode bumper cards and went for a ride on the Riesenrad (ferris wheel). From the top of the wheel, we could see all of the familiar sites in Vienna. Somehow Herbert managed to get a discount on our ride (from 16 Euros down to 8,50), which made it even more enjoyable.

I'm getting ready to go go-karting

The helmet is on!

Finally, we made our way over to the go-karts.    We went for 10 minutes with “super speed”.  This was the first time I had been on a go-kart, and unfortunately, I think that I hurt my back.  After watching from the sidelines, Chao and Morten say that I am a lunatic at go-karts — but do you really believe them?

We ended our evening at the Schweizerhaus, a brewery at the Prater.  These types of breweries are typical in Vienna, but this one seemed to be a bit more touristy than the ones with which we are familiar.  When I made the reservation, I asked if we could have a cake with candles.  They told me that I can buy a cake (45 Euros) and candles (1 Euro each) from our waiter.  When we asked our waiter, there was neither a cake nor candles that we could buy.  In addition, they ran out of the Stelze (pork knuckle).  In the end, Michael, Michaela and I ordered three  entrees and soups.  The food was good, and the service was so-so (I never expect good service in Vienna anyway).  I was quite disappointed in the lack of Stelze.

For more photos of the event, check out my Picasa album.


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