Arrival of the Re Pac Bags

with his new green bags

Dave recieves his Re-Pac bags

A few weeks ago I saw a livingsocial coupon for Re Pac Bags.  After investigating them a bit, I thought it would be worth the investment.  I paid about $10 for a $22 coupon.  From Re-Pac Bags, I bought four bags for $27.80 and free shipping.  I will do the math for you since some of you think I am getting a PhD in mathematics.  Altogether I spent $17.80 for a large bag, two medium sized bags and a snack bag.

So, why did I decide to buy these for David?  We like to make our own lunches to bring into school, but we go through Tupperware like a washing machine loses socks.  The big containers are good for when we travel with the food in them, but take up a lot of empty space on the way home and a tremendous amount of cabinet space.  These bags take up little room, are easy to clean (can go either in the dishwasher or the laundry machine), and are environmentally friendly.

I ordered the bags on 26 January, but did not receive them until 31 March.  On 1 March, I sent an email to the company and received an immediate response from them letting me know the status of my order.  Turns out that they did not expect the living social coupon to sell so well.  When the bags finally arrived, Dave sent me the photo on this post.  I think he was thrilled about the color of the bags– GREEN!

Dave is testing out the Re Pac Bags while I am in Austria.  We’ll see how they compare against Rubbermaid, Tupperware, and Ziploc.  If they work out well, we will be buying a few more of them when we move to Pittsburgh in September!


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4 Responses to “Arrival of the Re Pac Bags”

  1. Dr. Laura Says:

    Oh great!! Let us know how it works… You’re totally right, nothing is worse than empty tupperware taking up room in your bags on the way home from work!


    • bfasy Says:

      Does this mean you have defended? CONGRATS!!!!!

      I will let you know how our trial goes. So far, we are pretty happy. I sent them this photo of Dave and a link to my blog, and now I have a 30% off coupon! That was quite generous. 🙂

  2. Terese Fasy Says:

    I’d love some Re Pack Bags! Just sayin’!

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