Gasthof Staudachstub’n in Kirchberg

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Vor einigen Wochen bin ich in den Skiurlaub nach Kirchberg mit zwei Freunden gefahren. An zwei Abenden haben wir im Gasthof Staudachstub’n gegessen. Der Gasthof war super! Das Essen aus regionalen Produkten und kulinarische Spitzenklasse. Ein Brixentaler KochArt Buche schreibt über diesem Gasthof: «Machen Sie eine kulinarische Entdeckung – die Spezialitäten von Martin Flecksberger sind wahre Gaumenfreunden. Wir empfehlen unsere hauseigenen Produkte (Jungrind, Kalb), gewürzt mit Wildkräutern der Region, die nicht nur gesund und schmackhaft sind, sondern auch wichtige Vitamine und Mineralstoffe enthalten. Ab jetzt auch selbstgemachte Würste in verschiedenen Variationen kreiert und natürlich mit wertvollen Kräutern gewürzt.»

Jetzt zu unserem Essen:
Wir haben verschiedene Speisen bestellt. An beiden Abenden haben wir Suppe gegessen. Natürlich hatte David Frittatensuppe.  Das ist Davids Lieblingssuppe. Die Gulaschsuppe war meine Lieblingssuppe.  Als Hauptspeise haben wir am ersten Abend Jungrind, Hirsch, und Schweinsmedallions gegessen.  Am zweiten Nacht hatten wir Hochzeitschnitzel, Spätzle mit Speck, Fleischpalatschinken, und Gröstle (ohne Spiegelei).  Spätzle mit Speck ist nicht auf der Speisekarte, aber der Chef war so nett und er hat es gekocht!  Wir wollten Nachtisch bestellen aber wir hatten keinen Hunger mehr.  Das Essen war größer als unserer Bäuche!  Beide Abende gab es Schnaps auf’s Haus.  Ja, das Essen war lecker.  Außerdem war das Service hervorragend.

Beide Abende haben wir erst eine Stunde vorher reserviert, aber es gab keine Problem.  Der Gasthof hat am spätesten geöffnet als andere Restaurants. Als unser Taxi nicht gekommen ist, hat die Kellnerin ein anderes bestellt.

Der David hast sein Spätzle mit Speck!

A few weeks ago, I went skiing in Kirchberg with two friends. On two evenings, we ate in at Gasthof Staudachstub’n.  This restaurant was great!  The food there was local and a true culinary art.  The Brixentaler KochArt Book said the following about this restaurant: «Give yourself a culinary treat – the food from Martin Flecksberger is a true taste pleaser. We recommend the meat (from our farms), seasoned with local wild herbs, which are not only tasty, but also contain healthy vitamins and minerals. enthalten. They also have home-made sausage of different varieties, of course, seasoned with herbs..»

Now, for our food:
We ordered a variety of food. On both evenings, we started with soup. Naturally, David had the Frittatensuppe (pancake strip soup); this is his favorite soup. The Goulash soup was my favorite. On the first evening, our main courses were beef, deer and pork medallions. On the second night we had “wedding” schnitzel, Spätzle mit Speck (see photo), meat-crêpes, and Gröstle (a Tirolean potato dish with speck, mine was without the fried egg). Spätzle mit Speck was not on the menu, but the owner was so kind as to make it for us anyway. We would have ordered dessert, but we were no longer hungry when we finished our meals. The food was bigger than our bellies! At the end of the meal both nights, we were given schnaps from the house.  Overall, the food was delicious, and the service was excellent.

Both evenings, we only reserved one hour in advance, but this was not a problem.  The restaurant was open later than the other restaurants.  On the second night, when our taxi did not come, the waitress ordered another one to bring us there.

(By the way, thanks to Michael to for editing my post for me, despite the fact that he did not let me say “der David” in my review.  However, I did use “der David” in the photo caption.)

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3 Responses to “Gasthof Staudachstub’n in Kirchberg”

  1. DrLaura Says:

    I feel it is only appropriate that you are now fluent in German. You are a mathematician, after all 😉

  2. Frank Miller Says:

    I was so thrilled to dine here on both of these occasions with David and Brittany. I have a couple of things I can add to Brittany’s commentary. First, the atmosphere is warm and inviting. It’s the kind of place a group of people can spend hours at hanging out after a long day of skiing. In fact, the family at the next table the second night were doing just that, with a few beers. The decor features a traditional Austrian stove and pine furniture, which adds to the comfort. The most overwhelming part about Gasthof Staudachstub’n was the food. Everything we had was scrumptious and prepared perfectly, but the Gröstle Brittany had the second night was one of the best dishes I have ever tasted. After I was able to get my sensibilities back after sampling it, I can only determine that the sauteed Speck and herbs used in the preparation of this dish brought it to a culinary pinnacle. I will also note that the service was just as warm as the physical atmosphere. If I get the pleasure to be in Tirol again, I will be stopping here immediately.

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