I filed my American taxes today … five whole days before the actual deadline.  This year (due to residency in Europe) I managed to have $0 owed and $0 refund for both my federal as well as my state returns.  My taxes seem to get more and more complicated each year, and I see no stopping this in the future.  Next year, I will be adding a PA return to the mix and the following year I will be married 🙂

TurboTax sent me a text message as I am writing this blog post: “Great news, Brittany Terese Fasy! Your federal return was accepted by the IRS.  Check your email for a confirmation message.”  My question is: Why does this warrant a text message?  If it was really great news, I should be partially shocked by the fact that they accepted it, but I am not.  I filled everything out correctly (and Turbo Tax double checked my return for me), so why would it not be accepted?  Maybe I should have been fearful of the possibility of my tax return being rejected.

On a related note, Dave send me this link for a petition that I encourage you to sign.  It is a petition to have grad student and post doc stipends not taxed.  (I wish they had that in Europe, as I pay very high taxes here on my salary).  I was number 3,187 to sign this petition.  It needs 25,000 signatures to be considered.  Last time this petition went around, it missed the 25,000 mark by less than 3,000 people.  So, your signature will make a difference!  I signed this because I think it is worth consideration, especially the case for graduate students.

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