One Last Run …

Tomorrow is the Vienna City Marathon.  I am running in the relay as a member of team “IST Austria 2”.  (You can even look me up on the marathon website!)  Morten and I decided to go for a short run yesterday, nothing too long since we would have to run 16 km in the race 2 days later.  We decided to run for 30 min, then head back to IST.  We figured that we would be gone for at most one hour.

We began our run by running uphill (230 meters to 370 meters in about 2km according to the chart on  Then, we followed a path that turned into a loggers route which turned into the middle of the forest.  Knowing the general direction that we wanted to go, we decided to hike over a ravine and up a steep hill (it was almost like a mudslide at one point). Then, we climbed over some logs and prickly bushes until we finally came to a path, just seconds after Morten said “well, maybe there isn’t a path over here.”

We continued our run on one of my favorite paths in the woods over here.  We ran along a stream, on a narrow pathway.  The course winds back and forth a couple of times.  In general, it just feels good to be running along the path there.  Well … unless you accidentally slip on the rock and fall (there is a bit of a cliff at one point).  Then, we made it to the road.  Instead of turning around, we ran down into St. Andrä.  There was a small path that brought us down to the small town.  Again, instead of making a 180 turn and going back the way we know, I asked Morten how adventurous he was (with about 1 hour of daylight remaining).  So, we attempted to forge the forest.  We ran into the next town of Wördem (which is probably just a part of St. Andrä).

Then, I saw a path that led us into the woods.  Morten looked like he was a little worried, then he told me “this hill looks like it has an exponential increase.  We will never make it to the top.”   I told him we can find a way.  We get half way up, and then we see a sign for “private property”.  Since we were on a road but not in a car, we decided that this sign is probably intended for drivers not joggers.  So, we continued.  Luckily, before we would up in someone’s back yard, we saw a farm and ran around it and back into the woods.  From there, we followed our “sense of direction” which eventually brought us back to the main road back in Klosterneuburg.  The problem was that we didn’t recognize it when we reached it.  We took a good ten minutes debating which direction to go.  Then, we realized that we made it back to Klosterneuburg (well, almost), and we were on our way.  So, what do we do?  We enter back into the forest.  This time, we go up through the woods, then back down to the road again because it was starting to get dark.  In the end, we made it back alive.  And, I only had one wound that was bleeding (and only a little bit).  I’d say that’s a pretty successful run.

Now, wish us luck for tomorrow!  The hardest part will be getting up and remembering everything to get onto the 07:12 bus tomorrow.  yikes!

I mapped our run on as best as I could.  The paths (especially the ones in the woods) are approximate, but pretty close to what we actually ran.  Just 30 mins out … and the return.

A Really Good Route

A Really Good Route

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  1. shaydlip Says:

    Good luck b chick!!!

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