16.1 km: fertig!

The run today was quite an experience.  We started in a LARGE group.  When there was a slight hill, you could see nothing but people running in front of you.  When looking ahead, I though “I wonder how they run so close together” … then I looked around me.  At times it was quite a challenge.  We didn’t want to be rude and push people out of the way, so we just kept the pace with the people around us for most of the time, inching ahead whenever we had the opportunity.  Some people were a little rude and pushed others out of their way as we ran, but luckily not to us.  Wise decision on their part).  We had to look for an open pocket, then weave through some people to get to it, then repeat this process.  A few times we wound up in open pockets that were full of someone’s BO.  We didn’t stay there too long.

We were on the jumbotron at one point. I started flailing my arms in the air when I realized this.  When we reached the end of our leg, we forgot that we agreed to meet our teammates on the right side of the street, so it took us a few minutes to meet them.  They handed us our clothes and took off.  Just at this time, my knee started to malfunction.  Luckily, my knee waited until my leg of the race was over to start complaining.  I’ll just take extra glucosamine chondroitin today.  I usually take one of these vitamin a day as it is supposed to help joint pain.  It’s proven to help people with arthritis, but I heard that it is good for runners too from my friend Meghan.

Our time for the 16.1km was 1:29:16.  I would have liked to do it a bit faster, but I wasn’t used to running in such a big group.  We were running side-by-side for most of the run, but maybe the better strategy would have been one after the other.

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