Dissertation is Written

After getting the encouraging but plentiful comments back from Herbert, I polished up my dissertation this past week.  And, finally, my dissertation is ready to send to my committee and post online for all to see.  So, for those of you who have been waiting with bated breath, I posted it on my website for you.  In my unbiased opinion, it is a good read.

Although I have two pages (which will become four pages with the Duke double spaced rule) of acknowledgments, I cannot say thank you enough to everyone who has helped me and supported me these past five years, especially those who regularly read (and comment on) on my blog.  Thanks so much!! Since I spent some time writing my acknowledgments, I will copy them here so you don’t need to open the dissertation to read them (although why would you not want to look at my dissertation?!?!):

The person to whom I owe the most gratitude is my future husband, David L. Millman. He has selflessly supported me from the first day of graduate school. Thank you, Dave!, for all of your love and support.

The next person I would like to thank is my adviser, Dr. Herbert Edelsbrunner.He has supported me in my endeavors, introduced me to many researchers in our field, and always provided honest feedback on my writing, on my presentations, as well as on my research. I thank you, Herbert, for all of your support and guidance.

I also thank my other committee members: Dr. Hubert Bray, Dr. John Harer and Dr. Carlo Tomasi. Thank you for your discussions that have helped to develop my dissertation and for the time that you have committed to serving on my = committee. I am grateful for the support and resources made available to me from Duke University and from IST Austria. I thank Dr. Pankaj Agarwal, Dr. Sayan Mukherjee, Dr. Caroline Uhler and Dr. Jeff Phillips for their valuable discussions.

I thank my undergraduate institution, Saint Joseph’s University, for preparing me for graduate school. Thank you to Dr. Steve Cooper for encouraging me to study computer science. Thank you to Dr. Sam Smith for introducing me to topology and patiently working with me on my undergraduate thesis. Thank you to Dr. Paul Klingsberg for your constant words of encouragement and for all of those dim-sum lunches in Chinatown.

I thank my family, the crazy Fasys, who lovingly support me, regardless of where in the world I am. I especially thank my grandparents: Edward J. Ryan, Jr., Gertrude T. Ryan, Jack Fasy and Joan C. Fasy. I would not be where I am today without them. I thank my parents, Joseph F. X. and Terese G. Fasy for their love and encouragement. To my siblings, Joey, Dana and Devon: thank you for always believing in me. I thank my godfather Bill Fasy for his constant encouragement. I also thank my future family: Dr. Ron Millman, Merri Millman and Lisa Millman. Thank you for welcoming me into your family with open arms.

Finally, I thank my friends and colleagues who have helped me develop academically as well as personally. Those who have supported me are not few in numbers, so I apologize in advance if your name is not mentioned here. Natalie Soroka has been my best friend since we were five years old. She proudly displays my papers (as well as Dave!’s) in her office. I also thank Natalie’s parents, Ma and Pa Soroka, who have always treated me like a daughter. I thank Diana Zalewski, who brings enthusiasm wherever she goes. I thank Jessica Klusek, who is always ready for a study date. I am indebted to Kathleen Vaccaro, who is always smiling, regardless of how much sleep she has had. Thank you to my friends at Duke and at UNC–Robby Cochran, Dr. Eduardo Cuervo, Dr. Herodotos Herodotou, Dr. Laura Johnson, Srinivas Krishnan, Alana Libonati, Dr. Justin Manweiler, Elizabeth Munch, Catie Welsh and Brian Williams–who have not forgotten me, despite me living across the ocean. Thank you to Darrell Bethea for always ensuring that, at any hour of the day, there was someone awake and available to talk with me. Thank you to Frank Miller for not doubting my ability to ski down a mountain, even when every direction is up. Dr. Amit Patel became my best “European” friend when we moved to Vienna together in 2009. He has inspired me to work harder and to ski more often. Dr. Bei Wang has taught me the ropes of networking at conferences. I thank Dr. Chao Chen, who is always enthusiastic about research, even at the gym. I thank Dr. Michael Kerber and his wife Michaela. To them, I have just one word: b¨se. I thank Olga Symonova for allowing me to think out loud in the office. I thank Susanna Ricco for not complaining when our office suddenly became a social gathering room. To my friends in Austria–Filip Korč, Novi Quadrianto, Viktoriia Sharmanska and the girls of the Vienna Cherokees–thank your for making me feel at home in a foreign land. I am grateful for my friendship with Morten Bojsen-Hansen. I am in awe of his enthusiasm for learning. Thank you, Morten, for always being ready for an adventure, whether it be learning topology or running to another country.

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10 Responses to “Dissertation is Written”

  1. DrLaura Says:

    your images look very professional. And I don’t know why you have anything about birth and death in your dissertation, but I will assume you know what you are doing 😉

    • bfasy Says:

      Thanks, Laura. 🙂

      Dave helped me with getting the images in the state that they currently are. Per his suggestion, I had to go through and make the text in all of the figures much larger than it originally was.

      As for births and deaths, my field is quite morbid.

  2. Michael K. Says:

    Well done! But wasn’t the word “buse”, with an u-Umlaut?

    • bfasy Says:

      Thanks, Michael! According to Google translate, it is ö not ü. It appears that I have a better grasp of the German language than you. 😉

      • Michael K. Says:

        Haha, my interpretation is that you accidentally created a new word for describing a certain situation…

      • bfasy Says:

        Well, it’s not my fault that I am so good at German that the people who compile the official German dictionary call me up for advice. So, maybe I do create new words … but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t now words. 😉

  3. Paul Klingsberg Says:

    WOOT!! I’ve printed it out…

  4. Andrés N. Robalino (@androbtech) Says:

    Amazing. I’m very proud of you. It feels like yesterday as if we were eating dinner at that place with all your friends in Vienna. But in reality that was almost 2 years ago! time sure flew fast.

    Will never forget the fish Chen ordered and the Pumpkin seed oil bottle you got to bring home in your flight to US, among other things! it was sure a great day, thanks. Dec 19th, 2010 If I’m not mistaken.

    • bfasy Says:

      It doesn’t seem like that was 2 years ago already!!! Time does fly, that is for sure. Speaking of, will you be attending the SJU reunion in October?

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