Russian Meals

I arrived in Russia a few days ago.  I need food.

I am living in what appears to be some medical/retreat facility deep in the woods of Russia, about 40 minutes from Yaroslavl’.  We can walk to the Volga river from here (and we plan to go swimming on Saturday!)

I need to explain how the food here works, as it is VERY regulated.

Breakfast: 9:00-10:00.  I haven’t figured out this meal yet.  We get two plates (I think).  Most of the time, I can eat very little of it, as the porridge often has butter slabbed on top and I don’t see hot-dogs as a morning  meal.

Lunch: 13:30-14:30.  This is the biggest meal of the day.  By the time lunch rolls around, I am starving since I had such a meager breakfast (and it is a rather late time for me to eat lunch).  For lunch, we start with a small salad, often involving cucumbers in some way.  My favorite salad so far had cucumber, egg and capers.  Then comes the soup, sometimes a vegetable-broth based soup and sometimes borscht.  (Yes, I ate borscht!)  After this comes the main dish.  It is also on a small salad plate and has one starch (often potatoes or rice) and some meat or fish.  Lunch comes with a glass of juice.

“Tea” 16:30-17:00. At tea time, there is sweet water (once it was canned peaches) and a packaged sweet.  The sweet water is a little to sweet for me usually, but I gladly eat the snack they provide.

Dinner: 19:00-19:30.  Yes, this meal is only 1/2 hour, and they mean it too.  I had my plate taken from under me as I had a fork in my mouth one night!  Dinner is similar to lunch, although we don’t have a soup.  But, a sweet pastry, a mini juice box and a piece of fruit is given as dessert.  One day the “sweet” pastry was a bun with sliced hard-boiled egg inside.  To me, it was a perfect dessert, especially after I shook on some salt and pepper!

Some of their favorite ingredients are egg (hard-boiled!), cucumbers, minced meat and beets.  I’m not used to eating so many beets, but at least it is not cheese!  The thing that I am most grateful is that they do not use too much dairy in their cooking, so I am able to eat most items placed in front of me (and I do!)

I do not want to seem like I am complaining about the experience here, since I am actually enjoying the experience.  It is a beautiful (and clean) facility and I am really experiencing Russia.  It’s just very regulated, and not as much food as I am used to eating.  We (luckily) have a stock-pile of snacks to keep us fueled in between meals.


Let me know what you think!

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