Faculty Lunch?

The past few weeks have been jam-packed.

I flew from Russia to Vienna, where I spent a few days saying my goodbyes to my friends and to the city.  Of course, I made sure to stop by my favorite places to eat and to pick myself up a few items that are necessary (for example, Apfelhonig for my grandmother).

After Vienna, I flew to Newark, NJ, where my father picked me up and drove me back “home” to Philly.  I was there for one short night.  I didn’t even get a chance to see my niece Peyton or my brother (although I later learned that he was awake and in his room when I left … whoops!  sorry, Joey).  The morning after I arrived, I packed my car (in the rain) and headed straight to Pittsburgh, PA.  I made sure to stop for a few hours at the outlet stores in Lancaster (where I practiced using my credit card).

Then, I was in Pittsburgh for half of a week.  Dave and I don’t yet have an apartment in Pittsburgh, so we are staying with Natalie’s mother’s college roommate and her husband (you might have to think that one through for a minute).  They live on an island in the Ohio river in a beautiful house.  Words can’t express how grateful we are for them letting us stay with them as we are searching for our own place.  During the few days I was in Pittsburgh, I started work … lots of paperwork was filled out and I met many people whose names I now forget.  In the evenings, Deb (Natalie’s mother’s college roommate) took me around Pittsburgh in search of a house.  I could go on about some of the winners that we found, but I’ll leave that for another day.

Then, I flew down to North Carolina, refinanced my house and packed my car with David’s belongings (including David) and embarked on a road trip back to Pittsburgh.  We were hoping to make it in one shot, but our departure time was a bit delayed (we had to deliver a broken glass to Robby, buy me a GPS watch, and meet Jessie for lunch).  So, we stopped somewhere in West Virginia at a Microtel.  The room was HUGE!

Then, we arrived back in Pittsburgh at the island paradise.  Dave moved his milk crates that I helped him organize into our room (really, Michelle’s room) and he was ready to go (I organized his clothes in milk crates instead of suitcases a few months ago to make things easier for him as he was moving from place to place … he’s become a bit attached to them now.)  Our quest to find housing turned on full force.  And, we saw a lot of places.  Some good, some not so good.  Cross your fingers because we hope to have a signed lease sometime this week!

At work, I started to figure out how things work.  For example, I now know how to print papers, which has led to Amir (the other postdoc in my group) and myself being buried in papers that we are interested in reading.  And, I attended the Aladdin faculty lunch on Friday.  The fact that I am no longer a grad student is finally starting to settle in.

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