First Wedding Nightmare

Last night I had my first wedding nightmare.  Hopefully there aren’t more to come.  In my wedding nightmare, the following happened:

  • I forgot to wear shoes on the wedding day.
  • I forgot to paint my nails, so there was old nail polish wearing off and uneven nails!
  • I spilled my lunch on my wedding dress, but didn’t realize this until I was about to walk down the aisle.
  • I was late getting to the church because Jessie and I had to go somewhere to meet someone (for what, I don’t know).
  • Right as the ceremony was about to start, a few of our wedding guests decided to have a meeting at the back of the venue.  They were sitting in a circle at the end of the aisle.  I yelled at them and kicked them out of the wedding.
  • We forgot to inform the people who should be reading at our wedding that they were going to read.  So, Merri was running around trying to find the 2 readers and tell them what their reading was (we also didn’t have it printed for them, so we asked them to look it up on their smart phones).
  • Dave saw me before the wedding ceremony.

I think those were all of the horrors.  Strange thing is that I’m not worried about the wedding yet, but maybe my subconscious is …

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2 Responses to “First Wedding Nightmare”

  1. Terese Fasy Says:

    YIKES! This truly is a nightmare – funny though!

  2. DrLaura Says:

    hahaha!! well I am glad you realize it’s a nightmare and not a reality 😉 Let’s keep it that way !!

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