Whirlwind Finish!

So, I feel like I haven’t sat down for more than 10 minutes in the past 5 months.  My email has 253 messages, 111 of which are unread, my voicemail has 10 messages that I haven’t listened to yet, I have a tower of mail that I need to go through at home, and worst of all … I haven’t posted on WordPress in a long time (and I have a lot to say).

First and foremost, both Dave and I are now completely finished all requirements for our PhD degrees.  I have received my degree in the mail already, and Dave will receive his any day.

The day that Dave defended was a very exciting one.  Dave and I stayed at the Carolina Inn, which was a pleasant treat.  When we woke up, he was a bit nervous.  His pulled himself together, and did a great job at his defense.  After the public presentation, there was a private session with his committee, where everyone (his parents, our friends, me) was peering in at the session through the windows in the doors.  Then, the committee met in private.  When Dave was called back into the room, we were all peering into the room again, this time we didn’t need to peer though as Dave yelled “are you serious?!?!” in shock/disbelief that he passed.  Of course, our next step was to celebrate!

Dave is defending his PhD with a stick!


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