Domestic Partners

At CMU, you can register a domestic partner to extend certain privileges to your significant other, such as health care, access to the gym, and a free bus pass!  Dave and I decided to register at CMU.  After looking through the paperwork, we gathered all of our supporting documents (shared bank account statement, a copy of the lease, and a print-out from my insurance naming Dave as my beneficiary).  At HR, we met with Elizabeth and another person who was in-training.  He didn’t learn much from this meeting, other than how to make a copy of our lease, since we had all of the materials ready when we arrived. We were there for no longer than 10 minutes total.  As we were leaving the office, Dave says to me “you may now kiss the domestic partner” and gives me a big kiss.  For the rest of the day, he kept calling me his “domesticated partner.”


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