Escaping the ‘burgh

The other day, Dave and I returned from our holiday family visit.  We left with little to no idea of what our exact plans were.  Lesson learned: know where you are going before you leave the house, especially if you will be gone for > 1 week.

The first part of our trip was to Philly.  We were there for Eve of the Eve party:  I say party, but at 6:00 (the start), only Amit had arrived and my family kept asking me “where are your friends?”  Since this was only planned a few days in advance, I wasn’t sure who would actually be coming, so I had no answer until people actually arrived.  It would up being a small, but very nice gathering.

On Christmas Eve, we went to Nana’s house.  This event is usually at my Uncle Bill’s house, where there is room for 30+ people.  This year, due to Nana not feeling well, we went to Ocean City.  The house didn’t quite fit everyone, but we got cozy … you just couldn’t go anywhere quickly.  Unfortunately, Nana was having problems with her lungs and had to go to the hospital at the end of the day.  She was determined not to ruin the party, so she waited until it was practically over to admit she needed medical attention.  (The other day, she finally left the ICU and is now in a regular hospital room, waiting to be transferred to a rehab facility).

On Christmas, we went to the hospital in the morning, but made it home for Christmas dinner and gift exchanging.  I got a new pair of pajamas from Kyle, Dave received a t-shirt and a tool box from my dad, and Santa left both of us two cookbooks and a picture frame (purchased from our registry!)

The next part of our trip was in NJ, visiting Dave’s parents.  There, Dave had the task of cleaning out his room (since Merri wants to redo the bedroom).  The day before New Year’s Eve, we found out that our friend Alana was sick, so no hanging out with her on NYE.  Then, we thought about going skiing, but Dave’s friend who has a house in New Hampshire was in Boston for NYE.  We also considered driving to one of the mountains in PA or NJ, but this option was only considered around 4pm on NYE so that did not work out either.  What we wound up doing was going out to dinner with Dave’s parents and watching the Carson Daly countdown and opening bubbly wine at midnight.  (Carson Daly is not as good at hosting this event as Dick Clark was).  Then, we fell asleep on the couch by 12:45 watching Numbers.

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