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Tears on the Bus

February 27 2013

Yesterday, a girl was crying on the bus, all alone.  Then, a very concerned fellow bus-rider came up to her and asked if everything was ok.  The sound of concern in her voice for a stranger was like nothing I’ve ever heard before.  It was remarkable to see such kindness displayed.


Wedding Invitations

February 20 2013

We are now in the process of ordering our wedding invites.  Since I like personal experience, I  tried to find a local business who makes them in Pittsburgh, and I found two.  The first had a few bad reviews online, so I passed on that option.  The second (Invitations Unlimited) seemed a bit strange, but I called to make an appointment.  The woman calls me back, and I learn that she is based in California, not Pittsburgh.  (Dave wonders how I made a phone call to a California number not realizing it was not the 412 area code of Pittsburgh).  I looked for the company online again, and Invitations Unlimited in Pittsburgh went out of business 7 years ago (says the guy who has their old phone number).  So, I guess we will be doing the new-age thing and ordering our invitations over the internet.