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Guilty Pleasures

March 27 2013

Dave loves Gossip Girl.  I do too.  

It all started with Desperate Housewives.  I stayed over my friend Jen’s house one night, and she got me hooked (I think it was the episode where Gabby tries to make her daughters exercise by tying them to the car and making them run as she drove).  When DH ended, I think Dave and I both cried.  My favorite character was always Susan, although many people give me a hard time for liking Susan.  Dave’s favorite was Gabby (although I think he also liked the woman who kept her dead husband’s body in the basement freezer).

I was in Austria when I was watching the early episodes (purchased on DVD by Dave, thanks Dave!)  I got Paul hooked on DH too.  Every night, we’d watch an episode (or 5) after dinner.  After Paul left Austria to move in with his girlfriend (who had a kid), Morten started watching with me.  Chao’s words of wisdom to Morten: “Don’t watch DH.  Look what happened to the last guy.  He got married and has a kid now.”  (Ironically, Chao is married and about to have his first child.  Maybe he started watching DH secretly …)

Anyway, after DH ended, we needed a replacement.  Dave’s sister seemed to like gossip girl, so we started watching.  Unfortunately, the first season we watched was their last season as a show.


Our Website is Up!

March 9 2013

Our Website is Up!

Dave has put together a website for our wedding.  We’re slowly adding things to it, but at least the website looks complete now.  🙂

I noticed today that we did not put the wedding date on the website yet … whoops!

Birthday Dinner

March 5 2013

My birthday was last week, and Dave took me to a hibachi style restaurant in Southside (Namaka). When I sat down, I knew that the other man at the table was a famous athlete, but I had no clue who he was. I guessed that he was on the Steelers, and my guess was confirmed when he went to the restroom and the Pittsburgers near us were talking about our table-mate James Harrison.

he's a linebacker on the steelers.

In honor of my birthday, James wore a very geometric t-shirt.

The meal was just as good/bad as any other hibachi restaurant, and the service was incredibly slow. Refills on drinks only happened after Dave literally chased down the waiter. And, to demonstrate that it doesn’t matter who you are or how much you make, James never received his dinner. But, I did get to bang on the gong at the end of the night.

Happy Birthday to me

Birthday Song (Try #2)