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Moving Again … At Least Part-Time

May 4 2013
Early in this semester, it became clear that there would not be funding for me to continue at CMU next year.  Since most deadlines to apply for postdoctoral fellowships and faculty positions had passed, I started applying to everything remotely related to computational topology.  I applied to post docs, faculty positions, lecturer positions, and even considered applying to industry.  The hope was to stay in Pittsburgh, but I broadened my search to relevant positions elsewhere.
A few weeks ago, I struck luck.  I was offered a post doc at Tulane University.  The upside: two years of funding, living in New Orleans, working with computational geometer who seems like she would be great to work with.  I was so excited for this opportunity at first, but then it hit me: Dave can’t move to New Orleans with me.
I am working on writing a grant with some of the people I am working with at CMU.  This would also be a great opportunity, and would allow me to stay in Pittsburgh.  However, we won’t be hearing back from the Air Force very soon about this grant.

After much deliberation, I decided t take the position in New Orleans, with the option of making it a joint post-doc if the grant comes through.  This seems like a good solution to me, although will include a lot of traveling.  This was one of the hardest decisions I’ve had to make, but I’m lucky to have Dave who supports me and our long-term goals despite the short-term difficulties.

Dave is excited to come visit for Jazz fest next year, and I think my yet-to-be-found apartment is already booked up for Mardi Gras.