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July 19 2013

Pittsburgh is a strange place to live. To demonstrate, let me list a few things that happened to me today.  I would have thought that each incident was strange and unexpected, but I live in Pittsburgh:

(1) Eating a bagel sandwich at the Bagel Factory on Craig Street, a man comes to a nearby table and just stares at me.  Then, he gets up and sits at another table to stare from a different angle.

(2) The bus driver on my way home is yelling out the bus stops, despite the automated system that both says and displays the stop names.

(3) Also on said bus is a woman with a huge pink fuzzy cowboy hat.

(4) Most of the streets near my house are closed for a vintage grand prix parade.  Aparantly, it is the grand prix weekend.

(5) I got lost in the vertical direction today while attempting to go to a meeting.

(6) It is 85 degrees in my house and I think it is cool, since it is under 90.

(7) When I get home, I notice two young children (2 and 3 years of age) are knocking on my neighbors door.  No parents in sight.  I attempted to help them.  After I was unsuccessful, I attempted to convince them to go home.  In the end, I gave up and watched them from my porch until they went home.