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Yes, I’m Calling to Cancel that 911 Call

August 29 2013

I am living alone near one of the most dangerous cities in New Orleans.  For the past two weeks, I’ve been watching Law and Order Marathons while unpacking, organizing, and everything.  I think it’s starting to catch up with me.

At 10:00 tonight, my doorbell rang.  Since I don’t know anyone yet, I didn’t know who it could be.  I look through the peep hole to see a man, wearing a wife beater.  Not what I wanted to see.  I yelled “Hello” through the door to figure out if it was one of my neighbors who I have yet to meet.  No answer. I yelled “Hello” again.

So, I called 911.  The dispatcher was quite nice, and when a 504 number called me, mid-conversation, I couldn’t figure out how to answer it (she said she would hold).  So, I let it go to what I thought was voice-mail.  Then, Dave calls, so the dispatcher and I say our tearful good-byes, but I am unable to answer his call in time either.  Thinking it could be a neighbor, I called the 504 number back.  Yes, it was a neighbor calling to tell me that her boyfriend just dropped off my packages that were delivered to her door by mistake.  Whoops!

Anyway, I went out to our front doors and finally met my neighbor (but not her boyfriend).  Maybe I’ll meet him for real another day.  She was very nice, so I feel a bit bad for calling the cops on her boyfriend … although it had already been 15 minutes and no sign of the cops.  When I got back inside from our meet-and-greet, I dialed 911 one more time to cancel my call.  And, it worked.  I thought you aren’t allowed to cancel 911 calls, but I guess you are.


Best Tacos Ever

August 28 2013

Back in April, Dave and I were in Brownsville, TX for a conference.  On the last night, we stayed at the Residence Inn (nice place) and wanted Mexican for dinner.  We made reservations at a fancy place that the hotel clerk suggested, but we went out the back door to Taqueria El Taco Loco to get an appetizer.  It was amazing.  Best tacos ever.  We went to our dinner reservation, but only had a drink and shared an appetizer.  Then, we went back to the taqueria for “dessert” and “breakfast” to go.  I hope that I have a chance to go back there!

NOLA, here I am!

August 25 2013

Last week, Natalie took the bus to Pittsburgh. She got up at the crack of dawn (probably before the sun rose) and arrived in Pittsburgh around lunchtime. My greeting was very hospitable — I put her to work packing my car with a tight deadline right away. Then, we picked up Dave from work, dropped him off at the airport, and headed South.

We took off last Thursday afternoon, a week and two days ago now. We made it to Bardsville, Kentucky before calling it quits for the night. It was probably good that we stopped, as I almost fell asleep while in the shower shortly after arriving at our hotel.

In the morning, we strolled around town, buying produce at the farmer’s market (and cabbage plants!). Then, we went to the 1792 Distillery, because starting a 9 hour road trip with bourbon samples is a good idea.  The tour was actually pretty neat.  There were two people on the tour with us who didn’t know what alcohol was or why people drank it, so that was a little strange.  My favorite part was seeing one of the large sheds that housed the bourbon barrels.  The ingenuity that went into designing this house is amazing.


Watching the bourbon age.

After the tour, I decided we must go to Nashville.  And so we did.  We had lunch at Arnold’s.  This was everything I could hope from a stop in Nashville: true southern, bad-for-you food.  I had some meat along with mashed potatoes and fried green tomatoes.  It couldn’t get any better than that.  In Mississippi, we stopped at PDI (Philip’s Drive In) for dinner.  I took a picture of the menu, as I don’t think you would believe the prices if I didn’t have proof.  I had a delicious burger with tater tots!

Menu at Philips's Drive In

Menu at Philips’s Drive In

Finally, we arrived in Louisiana on Saturday night.  The first night we spent chez Darrell’s parents (thanks, Maggie & Larry!)  The next morning, we arrived at my new apartment / Dave’s new vacation home (after eggs cooked by Maggie):

Unsent Letter

August 7 2013

Young girls are mean.  I can say that — I knew one or two when I was young.  One second, they would be your best friend, the next, they would be making fun of you behind your back.  There was one girl, we will call her X, who for about 3 years was a close friend of mine … and then she turned on me.  She wrote a letter from herself and another friend, Y.  I am not sure of the exact contents of that letter, but  I found the following response that I wrote to her, dated 1 October 1997:

Dear X,


You are very, very wrong about Columbus.   You should check the sources on your pathetic, stupidly thought letters.  I got the correct date from two different “Q” sources.  The first of the sources quotes, “COLUMBUS, CHRISTOPHER (1451 – 1506) … he was born 1451 <unreadable due to the ink wearing off> The second and final of the sources quotes: Columbus had been born <unreadable due to the ink wearing off>, unquote.  Next time, X, check your sources before you put someone down, especially me.


I also noticed that Y did not sign the letter, so I assume that she does not like your letter to me.  If you write again, the letter will go straight to the trash.  Call me if you have any questions and for comments on this letter.  This will be the last of its sort from me, and hopefully you to me.   Also, I noticed the incorrect grammar and messy set-up of your note.


Your friend,


Brittany T. G. Fasy



P.S. Call me if you want a copy of the pages I got my information from.  I will not give you the sources though.


This letter was never sent (which was probably for the best).  Whatever X said in the previous letter was apparently not nice, as well as incorrect.  I applaud my desire for the truth to be known.

My question?  What exactly was it about Christopher Columbus that caused this letter?  Why would a fact about the birth of Columbus cause a fight between friends?

By the way, I am quite proud of the fact that, even at such a young age, I was keen enough to back up my claims with proofs and / or sources.