Unsent Letter

Young girls are mean.  I can say that — I knew one or two when I was young.  One second, they would be your best friend, the next, they would be making fun of you behind your back.  There was one girl, we will call her X, who for about 3 years was a close friend of mine … and then she turned on me.  She wrote a letter from herself and another friend, Y.  I am not sure of the exact contents of that letter, but  I found the following response that I wrote to her, dated 1 October 1997:

Dear X,


You are very, very wrong about Columbus.   You should check the sources on your pathetic, stupidly thought letters.  I got the correct date from two different “Q” sources.  The first of the sources quotes, “COLUMBUS, CHRISTOPHER (1451 – 1506) … he was born 1451 <unreadable due to the ink wearing off> The second and final of the sources quotes: Columbus had been born <unreadable due to the ink wearing off>, unquote.  Next time, X, check your sources before you put someone down, especially me.


I also noticed that Y did not sign the letter, so I assume that she does not like your letter to me.  If you write again, the letter will go straight to the trash.  Call me if you have any questions and for comments on this letter.  This will be the last of its sort from me, and hopefully you to me.   Also, I noticed the incorrect grammar and messy set-up of your note.


Your friend,


Brittany T. G. Fasy



P.S. Call me if you want a copy of the pages I got my information from.  I will not give you the sources though.


This letter was never sent (which was probably for the best).  Whatever X said in the previous letter was apparently not nice, as well as incorrect.  I applaud my desire for the truth to be known.

My question?  What exactly was it about Christopher Columbus that caused this letter?  Why would a fact about the birth of Columbus cause a fight between friends?

By the way, I am quite proud of the fact that, even at such a young age, I was keen enough to back up my claims with proofs and / or sources.

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4 Responses to “Unsent Letter”

  1. Daria Says:

    You go, Girl!

    • bfasy Says:

      Thanks 🙂 I wonder if kids pass notes back and forth anymore, or if it’s all in text messages. One of the striking things about this letter is how formal it is. I actually signed my name to it, and had addresses at the top of the page!

  2. Daria Says:

    Oh, that’s a riot! I think you’re right about texting, though. It’s kind of sad that most kids won’t have old notes to find years later like you just did. Remind me to tell you my story about the time I first met Pa and wrote a note to my high school girlfriend saying I didn’t want to go out with him! Who knew? Here we are 40+ years later!

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