Long Distance

Dave: What are you doing?

Me: I am cooking.

Dave: But, it’s one in the morning, why are you making dinner so late?

Me: It’s 11:20.  We’re in different time zones, and you seem to be somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean right now.

Dave: But why are you making dinner so late?

Me: Well, I guess it’s not really dinner.  I had that taco as a snack, since this meal turned out to be more complicated than I initially intended.  I tried to follow a recipe, but I made a few significant changes.

Dave: What a surprise.

Me: So, I wanted to use that sausage I bought when you were here, but we never made.  In a cookbook, i found a recipe for sausage and saurkraut stuffed buns.  (Then I start to get excited about telling him about my cooking adventure).  

Dave: What?

Me:  Like a mini meat pie.  But, I don’t like saurkraut, so I decided to do sausage and mushrooms instead.  Then, I learned that my neighbor fell and got stiches, so I thought I’d make her some too.  But, then, it needed to be healthier, so I’m making vegetable ones too.

Dave: You changed what you are making because your neighbor fell.  This doesn’t make sense.

Me: No, I’m making extra for her.  So, the vegetable ones are with mushrooms, spinach, and asparagus.  And, I think I’ll throw in the peppers that are about to go bad.  But, I’m really excited about the sausage ones (ok, I start to talk fast now).  I wanted to use that sausage I had, but I don’t really like sausage that has the consistency of hot dogs.  I like the sausage that you can take out of the casing.  But, I had decided to go with what i had … until I found Soyrizo … soy chorizo!  I had to buy it.  And, I am cooking it now.  It smells delicious.  Oh, and the dough … that was another story.  (Now I realize that I haven’t had a response from Dave recently …) Don’t you think these will be delicious?

No response.

Me: Dave?   Hello?  (then, I thought that maybe his phone rang and he answered it, so I waited a minute to see if he would return).  Dave?  Are you there?

Something must have gone wrong.  So, I hung up and dialed back, Dave answers laughing.

Dave: I fell asleep.


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