Post-Wedding Nightmare

It was the day of the wedding, and I realized that I did not schedule the hair and makeup, nor had I shaven my legs.  And, Dave and I were both running around frantically … so, we saw each other all day.  Things were not going well.

To do my hair, I looked into the crowd of guests that was forming and choose the person with the best looking hairdo that day.  It was Brittany, a girl that I went to gradeschool with (who I did not invite to my real wedding, but I guess I invited to my dream wedding).  While someone was running to get her, I found a room with running water … it turns out that it was the room that the groomsmen were hanging out it (why I didn’t go to a bathroom, I don’t know … or, maybe they were in the bathroom).  So, I shaved my legs while talking to the groomsmen.  (I was wearing shorts, so it’s ok).

I thought after the wedding, these nightmares would stop.  But, I guess not.


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4 Responses to “Post-Wedding Nightmare”

  1. Daria Says:

    While the nightmares may not stop, it doesn’t matter because your real wedding day was perfect!
    Brit, I retired 4 years ago and still have nightmares about work. I guess it never ends.

  2. Shady Says:

    Boy, I stop reading your blog for a while, and when I come back, you’re shaving your legs with me!

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