I started a new job. Part of what this means, at least for me, is cleaning up the directory named research on my computer. Most of the directories in research have names that remind me of what is in the directory and/or when I made it, such as the notes from October 2010 in a directory named “2010-okt”, the document and the presentation for my research initiation project is in a directory named “RIP”, the translation of a paper by a Hungarian Mathematician István Fáry is in a directory named “fary” (see my previous post as to why I translated this paper).  The scheme of how the directories are structured has changed a few times, sometimes labeled by project and sometimes by date, but I am usually able to remember what is in every directory.

One directory, however, I did not remember.  The directory was named “blockers”.  I was curious to know what this meant, so I looked into the directory and found two files: blockers.svg and blockers.pdf.  I opened one of them and saw the following figure:



I usually have a text file or a short LaTex document explaining what I was working on, but for this folder no such luck. Perhaps I thought that the figure says it all.  Then, I had an idea. This was probably an example that I shared with someone, so I searched my email and found the following:



Attached is my counter example.  Well, it’s a simplified version of something more elaborate that I originally had.  Hopefully by simplifying it, I didn’t change the outcome.  I won’t fully explain it in this email so I don’t taint your thoughts when you look at it.  I was shopping too much to explain this to you today, so maybe we can try again tomorrow.  I’ll be around before noon, otherwise, I’ll see you for a drink in the evening.

Not much more help.  But now, I at least remember discussing an open problem with Michael and Dmitriy, perhaps when we were in Russia last year.  Oh, as I am writing this post, I am remembering a little more.  Maybe I can re-remember …


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6 Responses to “Blockers”

  1. Michael Says:

    Yes, it was about this problem:
    and I remember that your idea was nice, but did not quite work out.

  2. Morten Says:

    *I* even remember what this is about (immediately upon reading the title and seeing the figure). I remember Michael presenting the problem in reading group (and later in the geometry+topology course), and also you mentioning that you came up with some counter-example. 🙂

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