Nail Polish


Last weekend, I went to a high school friend’s wedding in Philly.  Before the wedding (well, actually, during the ceremony), I stopped at my parents house to say hello to the family.  This is the first time I skipped the ceremony and went to the reception.  I felt like a rebel.  But, I got to see my family — so, it was worth it.

My niece was home, and had a bag full of nail polish.  She demanded (she knows what she wants) that I paint her nails, and I obliged.  I painted all 10 fingers and toes.  She carefully watched as I delicately painted her miniature nails.  As I was painting one of her toe nails, the paint came on thick … it was hard to avoid this on such tiny nails.  At this point, she warns me “not too much.”  I laughed, so she continued to warn me with each brush stroke until I finished the task.

Then, it was my turn.  She was to paint my nails.  Since I was going to a wedding, I wouldn’t let her do my fingernails but allowed her to paint my toes, thinking that it would be covered by my shoes.  On one of the toes, she managed to get the entire toe minus the nail.  Perhaps she was studying set complements that day.  As Dave and I started our drive downtown, I remembered that my shoes were strappy shoes, not closed toe shoes!  Whoops.

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