Bacon Makes Everything Better

When I saw a recipe for panchetta wrapped shrimp in the Rachel Ray Magazine, I fell in love and had to make it.  As usual, I made a few modifications.  And, I will share my modifications:

  • Instead of pancetta, I used thin-sliced bacon.  I am partial to bacon-wrapped anything.  I prefer my panchetta with a nice baguette.
  • Since I love celery, I doubled the amount of celery in the recipe (I had salad for days afterwards).
  • Instead of grilling, I cooked the bacon wrapped shrimp in a pan on the stove-top.  I cooked them until the bacon was nice and crispy.
  • In the lemon juice for the shrimp marinade, I added a little lemon zest.
  • As usual, I added some sea salt and coarse ground pepper to finish the dish.

Surprisingly, I followed the rest of the recipe.  It is not usual for me to stick that close to a recipe.

I tried to serve this to David since it was so delicious, but he hates fennel.  He made faces when I made him try the fennel fronds, which I find barely taste like anything.  However, a well-balanced bite of 30% bacon, 50% shrimp, 10% celery, and 10% fennel tasted delicious to him.  Bacon does make everything taste better (although, I think fennel tastes good to begin with!)  Ok, I am hungry now.


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