Thank You Cards are Ordered!

They say that you have one year to get a wedding gift.  I took that very seriously when my friend April married her husband Steve.  So, Dave and I decided to design a fabric in honor of their wedding and then make them various things for the house in that pattern.  We designed and ordered the fabric, and I decided on the items that we were to make.  Unfortunately, this was while we were in graduate school … and I was living in Austria.  Even though we didn’t have it complete by the wedding, we figured that we could finish the project in one year.  Three years later, I still haven’t completed the wonderful gift that I was going to make them.  Fortunately, April is still my friend.  I will finish this project.  Better late than never, right?

For other weddings, we decided that we would not bank on me making a gift if it was not ready by the wedding date.  We learned our lesson.

Our wedding has come and gone, and now we need to write thank-you cards.  With me moving and traveling often, it took us a while to get the photos from the photographer, design the card, and order it.  And, finally, as of today, the thank you cards are ordered.  I hope this is still within an acceptable time-frame.  I feel a bit of relieve that it is no longer hanging over my head that I need to order the cards; however, when they arrive, that relieve will come to an end.


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