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This is Not How I Remember It …

December 31 2013
Christmas 2013

Santa is on the Roof!

When I was little, Santa assembled the toys nicely under the tree. This year, Dave and I were up late helping Dana put gifts under the tree for Peyton. Reallly late. As you can see in the photo, Santa made an early appearance (in daylight) and we had to do the elf-work after the little one was in bed. I had a photo shoot with Santa himself, so I have no complaints. And, Dave played with ponies as he assembled the Lincoln Logs. He was happy as well.  Not to mention, the smile on Peyton’s face in the morning …

it was worth staying up late

Peyton (2 years old) sees her new dollhouse (ages 3-5).

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This is Not a Coffee Cup

December 1 2013

This is Not a Coffee Cup

They joke that a topologist can not tell the difference between a coffee cup and a doughnut / bagel. Well, I beg to differ. This is not a coffee cup, but it is a bagel. I can tell the difference!