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Lucky Day

January 23 2014

Today, I flew from New Orleans to San Francisco.  I wasn’t expecting the day to be particularly eventful, but it was.

First. I got a free ride to the airport.  It wasn’t a friend, it was a free shuttle ride.  All I had to do was tip the driver.

Second. The person in front of me at the airport food “restaurant” was in a jolly mood, so he bought me lunch (and later told me to send him an email because he needs people like me at his company).

Third. Lax Airport has delicious food.  I ate at Lemonade.  I had a four types of salad (kale, butternut squash, edamame, avocado).  Each was delicious, and very fresh. Oh, and I also had a giant Pistachio macaroon!

Fourth.  I was upgraded to first class on my flight from LAX to SFO.  Go Delta Silver!

Fourth. I rented a car from Fox.  After reading the reviews, I was very skeptical … but they charged $16 / day and the other companies were charging $56 (ok, I decided not to go with the cheapest option which was only $12 / day, but took two shuttles to get to).  I figured if I had a really bad feeling about it, I could just go with another rental company last-minute.  Surely one of them would have a car available.  It was super easy to get the rental (some people complained about long waits).  The staff was extremely courteous:  they gave me directions, put bags in my car, and refused to take a tip (some people complained about staff being rude).  The car was brand new, no dents/dings (some complaints were about the condition of the car).  Now, I don’t have a key remote, and I don’t have power windows.  But, I didn’t pay $56/day either.

Now, I am staying with Srinivas & Jenn for two nights, then with Varun on Friday.  Thanks, guys!


Flying Just Got Better …

January 12 2014

Flying Just Got Better ...

A few month ago when Dave and I were in the Atlanta airport, we were told to go to Terminal E to find the best food in the airport. Not having enough time to go to another terminal, we bought some mediocre airport food instead. This week, when flying through Atlanta again, I had 1.5 hours in between my flights, and I made it over to terminal E (although I went to T first by accident). The food court there was amazing! Very clean, and no one around. I went into One Flew South.  The staff was incredibly nice to me.  I walked in 8 minutes before closing, and they sat me down telling me to take my time.  Although I was very tempted by the sushi (flown in fresh!), I decided to go with the duck confit sandwich paired with the Mettler Zinfandel.  Both were delicious choices.  I look forward to my next layover in Atlanta so I can go back!  (They also do take-out, so I will go even if I don’t have time to sit down).

Cold in the ‘burgh

January 7 2014

Yesterday, from midnight to midnight, the temperature dropped from 50 degrees (F) to -4 degrees.  That was a huge drop.  Finally, the boots my dad got me from Alaska make sense.  (my brother wears them in 70 degree weather … I don’t understand. they are boats … although, they are warm boats that I appreciate right now).

While sleeping last night, we had the humidifier going and the thermostat set around 68.  When we woke up, we were toasty, so we turned it down a bit (maybe to 64).  Dave left for work, and I started to get colder … and colder.

So, I sat next to the humidifier and turned up the heat to 66 and then eventually to 70, hoping that I could take off my hat sometime soon.  No such luck.  Eventually, I looked at the thermometer in the house: 54 degrees.  I touched the radiators. Cold as ice. I went downstairs to see if the furnace showed any signs of being on.  None at all.

I called the landlord, who responded: “I probably can’t get someone out today.”  I think that, in an emergency like this, someone (like this company) can be out and fix it or replace it ASAP.  I eventually convinced her to make some calls.

So, I walked to Starbucks and will be working from here for another hour or two until Dave gets home from work.  Hopefully the landlord will call us back in the meantime.  I look forward to my return to NOLA on Thursday.