Cold in the ‘burgh

Yesterday, from midnight to midnight, the temperature dropped from 50 degrees (F) to -4 degrees.  That was a huge drop.  Finally, the boots my dad got me from Alaska make sense.  (my brother wears them in 70 degree weather … I don’t understand. they are boats … although, they are warm boats that I appreciate right now).

While sleeping last night, we had the humidifier going and the thermostat set around 68.  When we woke up, we were toasty, so we turned it down a bit (maybe to 64).  Dave left for work, and I started to get colder … and colder.

So, I sat next to the humidifier and turned up the heat to 66 and then eventually to 70, hoping that I could take off my hat sometime soon.  No such luck.  Eventually, I looked at the thermometer in the house: 54 degrees.  I touched the radiators. Cold as ice. I went downstairs to see if the furnace showed any signs of being on.  None at all.

I called the landlord, who responded: “I probably can’t get someone out today.”  I think that, in an emergency like this, someone (like this company) can be out and fix it or replace it ASAP.  I eventually convinced her to make some calls.

So, I walked to Starbucks and will be working from here for another hour or two until Dave gets home from work.  Hopefully the landlord will call us back in the meantime.  I look forward to my return to NOLA on Thursday.


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3 Responses to “Cold in the ‘burgh”

  1. Daria Says:

    Dontcha just LOVE PGH? Sure hope NOLA’s temps get back to normal when you return. It was 24 there today.

    • bfasy Says:

      somehow she was able to fix it within two hours! In the meanwhile, I called Deb to reserve us a room just in case … luckily, we didn’t need it.

    • bfasy Says:

      I am so very much looking forward to my return to NOLA. It barely got into the positive numbers here in Pittsburgh today!

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