Flying Just Got Better …

Flying Just Got Better ...

A few month ago when Dave and I were in the Atlanta airport, we were told to go to Terminal E to find the best food in the airport. Not having enough time to go to another terminal, we bought some mediocre airport food instead. This week, when flying through Atlanta again, I had 1.5 hours in between my flights, and I made it over to terminal E (although I went to T first by accident). The food court there was amazing! Very clean, and no one around. I went into One Flew South.  The staff was incredibly nice to me.  I walked in 8 minutes before closing, and they sat me down telling me to take my time.  Although I was very tempted by the sushi (flown in fresh!), I decided to go with the duck confit sandwich paired with the Mettler Zinfandel.  Both were delicious choices.  I look forward to my next layover in Atlanta so I can go back!  (They also do take-out, so I will go even if I don’t have time to sit down).

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