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March 28 2014

I’m in NC for a few days, and staying with Dave’s cousins.  Last night, Ashley and I were playing with Siri on her phone to see what we could get her to say.

I was about to Google “Siri easter eggs”, when Ashley said “Siri, I need to dump a body” and Siri responded “What again?”  Ashley, of course, said “yes”, to which Siri responded “I thought so”.  First, the unexpectedness of what Ashley said took me by surprise.  Second, Siri’s response was perfect!


Career Opportunities are Calling, or, Mailing Me

March 22 2014

We received this in the mail the other day: “Dear Williams-Sanoma Managers, … please accepted this … utility knife to enjoy in your home.”  I was confused for three reasons.  (1) I am not a Williams-Sanoma Manager, but I will happily accept gifts. (2) In the package was a pair of scissors, not a knife.  (3) It was dated September, but received in March.

I think someone was all sorts of confused when sending out this mailer.  But, I will not complain.  I could have used the knife though.  I already have a pair of kitchen shears.

a knife?

Dear WS manager …


March 20 2014

Dave may have missed Mardi Gras, but he made it for St. Patty’s Day weekend in New Orleans. The throws? Cabbage, carrots, garlic, potatoes, garters, and underwear. Our Catch? 20 cabbages, 3 packages of Ramen, lots of beads, and more:


So, now I need to cook 20 cabbages.  Day 1: stir fry cabbage, tofu, and bell peppers served over ramen, with a salad on the side.  I used only one cabbage.  It was yummy, the next night, I ate the leftovers.  As not to miss an opportunity to use some cabbages, I blanched 4 cabbages, two shredded, and two quartered.  Then, froze them; postponing the decision of what to do with four of them.


Day 3: stuffed cabbage.  This was my first attempt at making it, but I adapted my recipe from this Rachel Ray recipe.  One of the lessons that I learned was that it is best to use the loose leaves for the stuffed cabbage, even though it is very tempting to throw them out.  In fact, I threw many of the good leaves away because they just looked too dirty.  Running them under cold water and using my fingers to rub off the dirt easily cleaned them.  Anyway, I made some changes to her recipe, so I’ll just give mine here:

  1. Cook the rice as Rach instructs (use 2 tablespoons butter to brown 1/2 cup orzo.  Add 1 cup rice, stir.  Add 2 1/2 c chicken stock and simmer for about 15 min (or until water disappears).  I had some orzo/rice stuck to the bottom of my pot. Not sure how to avoid that.
  2. Brown 1 lb of ground meat seasoned with salt and pepper.  Add 1 diced onion, 5 cloves minced garlic.  Season.  I used cinnamon, fresh dill, and dried parsley.
  3. Mix rice and meat in a bowl.
  4. Boil 12 large cabbage leaves to soften.  Let them cool in cold water.
  5. In the skillet used for the meat, heat 1 cup tomato sauce, 1 cup chicken stock, and 5 small tomatoes (diced).  Season with salt, pepper, and dried parsley.
  6. Stuff the cabbage.  Start rolling near the thickest part, tuck the sides in, then roll.  Place seam-side down in the pan.  Simmer for 30 minutes or so.

I’m about to freeze my leftovers.  They were delicious!  I don’t even like stuffed cabbage usually.  I now have a craving to do this again using ground lamb meat.


Dummy Post (sorry)

March 13 2014

Google maps problem:

Mapping New Orleans

March 13 2014

I created a my own map in Google Maps to document all of the places I have been, and what I’ve thought of them. I had some issues with the layering on google maps, and I hope to fix that later … I just don’t have the patience to do it right now. I’ll keep updating it as I test out new places.

NOTE: I tried unsuccessfully to embed the map here.  You will just have to click the link above to see my map.  Sorry!