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April 25 2014

Years ago, my neighbor Kim told me what Adidas stood for: All Day I Dream About Sports.  Made sense.

However, my friend Michael set the record straight.  This is not true.  Adidas is a German company.  This confused me, as why would they have an English acronym as a name?  Well, it is named after its founder: Adolf (Adi) Dassler (Das).  And, I’ve been pronouncing it wrong my whole life (should be Ah-di-daas not A-di-das).

Thanks, Michael for always giving me facts that make me question everything I know (he was also the one that pointed out Feb 24 is leap day, not Feb 29th).


I Just Want to Breathe

April 24 2014

I sat outside for lunch today.  It’s gorgeous outside.  So, I sat there with my lunch and a paper that I wanted to read.  One bite in, and the person at the table next to me lights a cigarette.  I am downwind.  I just got up and moved to another table nowhere near anyone else so that I could enjoy my lunch without getting a headache  & coughing like mad.  I gave her a glare as I walked by, but she didn’t notice of course.  After I re-settled and took a bite of my food, a guy sits down at the table next to me … he has no food, no paper. Just sits.  I am on alert.  Sure enough, he lights a cigarette too.   I love sitting outdoors, but I do not like when other people ruin it for me by smoking near me.  99 days from today, Tulane’s campus will be smoke-free.  I am very much looking forward to that day.

I’ve always been appalled by cigarette smoke.  It gives me a headache and I can’t stop coughing when I am near it.  Growing up, both of my parents smoked.  I hated it.  I controlled the situation in the only way I knew: I cried (and made exaggerated coughing noises whenever they were near me).  When that didn’t seem to be effective, I bought “No smoking” signs and plastered them all over the house.  They promptly “disappeared.”  Eventually, I convinced them to only smoke in one room of the house, and today, their house is smoke-free.   Success!  Now, if only their patio was smoke-free too …

Today, many places are smoke-free … indoors.  So, the smokers are going outdoors.  Near the entrance to buildings.  On the patio of nice restaurants.  In the park when I am trying to run.  It’s ruining the outdoors for me.   The kid in me wants to cough like crazy near them hoping they’ll realize that they are causing me discomfort.  The sophisticated adult in me just goes inside, usually with a headache.  It doesn’t seem fair.

One Alligator, Two!

April 22 2014

Amit came to visit me a couple of weeks ago. On the weekend of his visit, we decided to go fishing. My tour book said that people can go fishing along the twin canals in La Fitte (pronounced la feet … always makes me laugh). We went to Academy sports, bought fishing poles and a fishing license for him. Then, we across the Huey P. Long bridge, picked up some shrimp for bait, and keep heading south towards the twin canals.

When we arrived at La Fitte, we saw plenty of people fishing. We even saw an old man with a bamboo stick and fishing wire feed through it. I was quite impressed. We walked along the canal until we found our own little clearing along the bank. Looked perfect — or so we thought. We decided to first practice casting out. We attached the sinkers (weights) to our lines and cast them in the canal. Mine was stuck on something, so it took a bit of tugging, but I was finally able to start reeling it in. Still feeling resistance, all of a sudden, I see an alligator swimming towards me! The weight was in his mouth (or so I assumed)! Of course, I screamed and started running. Amit, looking like a deer in headlights, asked me what we are supposed to do. I was so panicked I could barely move or even talk, but somehow I managed to communicate the situation to him. After I regained composure, the alligator had disappeared and I reeled my line in just fine. I stood on top of the highest place I could find and was looking suspiciously all around. Amit, started to tell me that the next time an alligator is chasing me that I should run away from him instead of towards him.  What a friend.

Shaking, I pick up my gear and start to find a new place. Not quite believing my story, Amit convinces me that this other clearing will be just fine. There was a slight cliff into the water, instead of the gradual incline from where we were before. So, I agreed. Again, we cast out. Again, I caught an alligator. This time, Amit saw it. I think he was more scared than me … which then scared me even more. I dropped my fishing pole and ran away. Luckily, my pole was pretty far from the edge, so I was later able to pick it up and reel in my line … after the alligator swam away of course.

Needless to say, we didn’t catch any fish that day.


Compliments from Michael Mina?

April 2 2014

It is no big secret that I am obsessed with Michelle Branch as well as with food.  (Although my obsession with MB has dwindled after seeing her perform with drum tracks instead of a real drummer).  So, when the website formed, I was instantly hooked.  Michelle and Michael Mina co-hosted a cooking show, available online, for free!  Each week, a new meal was presented, with a video a day.  Their brussels sprout recipe changed David’s opinion of “I don’t like brussels sprouts” to “can we buy the whole stalk of brussels sprouts?”  I won’t mention the Coconut Curry Lobster Pot Pie, as I plan to make an entire post of that delicious endeavor one day.

Michael Mina also has a wine club, which I am currently not rich enough to join, but one day I will be.  As a promotion, he had a competition that asked you to post a picture of your favorite comfort food and wine pairing on his Facebook page.  Dave screamed “red beans and rice” when I told him about this contest.  A difficult dish to pair with a wine, but I did it: Landry Vineyards’ Blueberry Merlot (a local wine).  It’s a semi-sweet wine that works well with the spices in red beans and rice.  Unfortunately, I was a day to late in posting my photo (I thought it ended on March 31st, when in fact, it ended on March 30th).  However, Michael Mina responded to my photo saying that my food looks delicious — that was all the reward I needed!

mina compliments my food

Compliments from a celebrity chef!