Compliments from Michael Mina?

It is no big secret that I am obsessed with Michelle Branch as well as with food.  (Although my obsession with MB has dwindled after seeing her perform with drum tracks instead of a real drummer).  So, when the website formed, I was instantly hooked.  Michelle and Michael Mina co-hosted a cooking show, available online, for free!  Each week, a new meal was presented, with a video a day.  Their brussels sprout recipe changed David’s opinion of “I don’t like brussels sprouts” to “can we buy the whole stalk of brussels sprouts?”  I won’t mention the Coconut Curry Lobster Pot Pie, as I plan to make an entire post of that delicious endeavor one day.

Michael Mina also has a wine club, which I am currently not rich enough to join, but one day I will be.  As a promotion, he had a competition that asked you to post a picture of your favorite comfort food and wine pairing on his Facebook page.  Dave screamed “red beans and rice” when I told him about this contest.  A difficult dish to pair with a wine, but I did it: Landry Vineyards’ Blueberry Merlot (a local wine).  It’s a semi-sweet wine that works well with the spices in red beans and rice.  Unfortunately, I was a day to late in posting my photo (I thought it ended on March 31st, when in fact, it ended on March 30th).  However, Michael Mina responded to my photo saying that my food looks delicious — that was all the reward I needed!

mina compliments my food

Compliments from a celebrity chef!


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