Lesson Learned

Make a link.  This is how you need to lock your bike.

I have a bike rack on my car which locks.  Up until tonight, it has worked just fine for me.  There is a bar that hooks over the frame of the bike and you can lock it in place.  Some clever thief on Frenchman street opened the buckles on the wheels and somehow shimmied the bike off of the rack.  Most upsetting is the fact that I JUST put a new tire on the bike (at least I didn’t get both of them) AND I left my fancy light on the bike.  😦

Lesson learned: always make a link.

I don’t even have a photo with me and my still-unnamed bicycle.  However, I found one of her on Bicycle Michael‘s Google page, as they let you explore the inside of the store:


My Awesome Gold and Black Retrospec bicycle


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6 Responses to “Lesson Learned”

  1. Ma Says:

    Perhaps your homeowners or car insurance will cover the theft.

  2. David Creger Says:

    sorry you had your bike stolen in the Big Easy! We do have some creative thiefs in the city, who spend way to much time plotting ways and angles to rip people off……..dave

    • bfasy Says:

      Thanks, Dave. We decided to get the cheapest bikes that wouldn’t fall apart thinking they would be stolen … I suppose we were right. I’m a little sad since it was Saints colored though. Keep a look out for my black framed bike with gold rimmed tires!

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