Bidding War

Tonight, I went to an art auction with Carola, Joe, & Yusu.  We were invited from the previous owner of Carola and Joe’s house (so, we didn’t have to pay for the $50 tickets, but we were told that we needed to bid on something).

After tasting all of the delicious food from various restaurants and cocktails from Casa Borrega, Yusu and I picked out a $3,000 acrylic painting for Carola and Joe, but they thought it was a bit too expensive.  We settled for eyeing up the items valued under $200, which was jewelry for the most part.

The first item in the live auction was a pair: a 1933 Carnival / Mardi Gras throw (a hand mirror) and Design by Dawn Tortoise Earrings.   I feel to liking the earrings, and Carola the earrings.  So, we thought it could be something to bid on.  When the auction started with no one taking up the opening bid of $40, I looked at Carola and asked “should I take it?” and she said “yes, of course!”  Then, the next bid was made quickly after that.  Carola asks “did the bidding start?”  And I replied, “yes, should I bid again?”  And, of course, I did.  Half way through the bidding, we switched from me bidding to her bidding.  With each bid, we deliberated.  We really did not discuss a maximum bid before going into this event, so we were a bit confused and made each bid just before the auctioneer would have said “sold”.  Finally, once we had doubled the value of the items we were bidding on, we agreed to stop.  Luckily (or maybe unluckily), the person bidding against us also stopped bidding.  And, we won!   Joe turned to me and said “thanks for starting the bidding and letting my wife finish it.”   We were laughing so hard about how fast it went, that I completely missed the next two items being sold.

Next time I go to an auction, I need to have a game plan.  Also, I need not to bid on the first item.  Perhaps then, I will get an item UNDER the appraised value.  I like my time-shared mirror and earrings though, so no complaints about our “winnings.”


hand mirror and earrings (and who is that in the mirror?)



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4 Responses to “Bidding War”

  1. Terese Fasy Says:

    Awesome! And did you and Carola plan the coordinating outfits? You look cute!

  2. Terese Fasy Says:

    How funny – I just noticed that!

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