Anniversary Weekend: Part I

At our wedding, we had two AMAZING cakes.  Unfortunately, the only cake that we actually ate was the cake that we shoved in each other’s faces.  And, we never had a proper cake tasting where we could try different types of cakes.  So, for our anniversary, I fixed that.


eyes closed ... ready for the surprise

eyes closed … ready for the surprise

I didn’t tell Dave where we were going, but I made sure that he would have coffee with him to go along with the cakes.  When we got close, I had him close his eyes until I parked then walked with him (eyes closed) to the Swiss Confectionery storefront.   I told him to open his eyes and he immediately started to jump up and down.  The owner was super nice to us, allowing us to sample the cakes even though we were married one year ago.  Of course, we bought some cupcakes, petit fours, and cookies on our way out as well.  The cakes were absolutely delicious.  Our favorite was the secret family recipe with a pineapple filling.  Delicious.

sampling the flavors

sampling the flavors

After we got home, we both did a little bit of work: me finishing up my presentation for Japan next week and him watching an online lecture that he wanted to see.  Then, we made lunch: homemade veggie burgers from the freezer topped with bacon and avocado. We paired that with mimosas in our fancy Waterford goblets!

mimosas in fancy glasses

mimosas in fancy glasses

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