Always Stay to the Left

On the bus from Tokyo to Tachikawa (where I am visiting the Institute for Statistical Mathematics), I realized that Japan drives on the left side of the street.  ( I am not sure why I didn’t realize that either time I was on the shuttle between the hotel and the airport).   In fact, this driving rule is a very important thing to remember, even when not in a car:

When walking into a building, stay to the left.  Otherwise, you wind up doing a dance with someone.

On escalators, stand left, walk right.  In fact, the Japanese are much better at following this rule than Americans are of following the stand right / pass left rule.

And, most importantly, when a bicycle is coming straight at you — move to the left … ASAP!  I’ve almost caused several accidents by going the same way as the bicycle.  Luckily, they were better at bicycling then I was at walking, and so all collisions were avoided.


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2 Responses to “Always Stay to the Left”

  1. Ma Says:

    Sheesh! Lots to remember.

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