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May 30 2015

I waited to post this, as I wanted to give Endymion an opportunity to redeem themselves. They’ve failed. I emailed them on 18 February, and I have yet to hear from them. All I want is an apology.

Here is my unrequited letter to them:

Dear Mr. Muniz and the Endymion Krewe,

I attended the Endymion parade this year, catching it on St. Charles as the floats turned around Lee Circle. I really enjoyed the event, until float 32 arrived. I was pelted with a full bag of beads, right in my forehead. Someone from the top of the float (looking outside the circle) was the one who threw this bag, and they threw it really hard. I barely saw it coming before it hit me, as it came so fast. As I was falling down from the force, another bag of beads hit me. I cowered until the float passed, too scared to look up again. I would like to believe that this was not intentional, but the force with which it hit me, and the reaction of everyone around me, leads me to believe that this was thrown maliciously (and probably drunkenly).

Seconds after, I put my hand to my forehead to feel a lump protruding from my forehead. Immediately, we went into the bar to get ice to put on my head. After an hour of holding ice to my head, the single lump turned into what looked like a forehead of golf balls (picture). I had to keep ice on my forehead for two days, and it hurt to make any change of facial expression. This is not really how I wanted to spend my Mardi Gras weekend.

I would deeply appreciate a sincere apology.

All the best,