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I Love You!

January 27 2016

Being fully in the moment is something that I strive for, but have not quite yet mastered.  Sometimes, I just go on auto-pilot, driving home without remembering making the last three turns, talking to a friend then forgetting what the conversation was about, committing changes without paying attention to the error messages … but, the most surprising was a few years ago …

My friend Justin was over my house and my boss called, so, of course, I answer it.  We had a brief, to-the-point, conversation, which I ended with “ok, I love you. bye” and hung up.  Justin was looking at me with his jaw dropped when I turned back to him to resume our conversation before the phone call.  Not sure why he was so shocked, I asked “is everything ok?” “did you just get off the phone with your boss?” “yes, why?” “did you tell him that you loved him?”  … whoops … (I really wonder how my boss responded to this now).

Today, I struck again.  I made a few phone calls as I was walking from my office to my car.  First, I called David.  He answered, but he was too busy working on something to talk for long.  Second, I called Amit.  He didn’t answer, so I left a message: “Hi doctor, it’s me!  Where are you?  I miss you.  Ok, well, I love you, buh bye!” I thought I was leaving a message for David! Luckily, Amit called me back before listening to that message.