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A Valentine’s Gift

February 22 2012

There is an adorable family staying at my house while I am away in Austria.  When I was back in the US, I had the pleasure to spend a few hours getting to know them.  So, the last time I visited, I left 2 packages of conversation heart candies for the two girls.  Since Evelyn wasn’t home at the time, I told her sister to make sure she gets her gift.  This is an email that I received from their mother:

Lily wanted to make sure Evelyn knew these conservation hearts were from you, so she asked me how to spell your name and wrote the “to” and “from” on the box. When Evelyn came home, she was so excited to see the hearts. She asked who they were from. We told her to read the box. She gasped and said, “Brittany?” She got a huge smile on her face, paused, and said, “Wow! Brittany writes like a little kid!” We laughed really hard about that. 🙂

these are from me, and the To/From is filled out correctly .... must be my handwriting.