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An Encounter

May 15 2011

Olga and I were in Vienna the other day.  We were walking on Maria Hilfer Strasse and wanted to cross the street.  It was red for pedestrians, but we went anyway since there were no cars coming.  As we were crossing the street (I think), someone started to yell at us.  Since I was looking at the building that we wanted to go to, I didn’t notice the yelling at first.  Then, I noticed that a man was yelling at us.  I tried to ignore it by walking to where I was going, but he persisted.  So I looked up and noticed that the man was a police man, and he was furious that we did not stop when he told us to stop.  He was telling me to come to him.  I looked at him questioningly and he told me (in German) that when a policeman tells you to do something, you must do it.  So, I walked over to him.  Then, he lectured me about not listening to policeman.  I apologized.  He told me I am not allowed to cross the street when it is red.  I apologized again.  Then, he yelled at me again to tell me that I must always follow the orders of a policeman.  Finally, he asked me if I speak German.  I said “nur ein bisschen (just a little)” and then he said some complicated sentence that I did not follow.  I was worried that we would have to pay a ticket for jaywalking.  Olga was worried that we would have a police record.  Luckily, the policeman had his thrill of terrorizing us and did not give us a ticket.

On another note, I am addicted to Toffifee.