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My Return

February 9 2012

After a respite, I am back in Austria and back to blogging.

The Trip: I would consider myself the seasoned cross-atlantic traveler.  Unfortunately, airlines don’t try to make it easier for you the more you fly.  Lufthansa changed my favorite policy: SKI BAGS NO LONGER FLY FOR FREE!  While my ski bag has ALWAYS flown free, I had to pay $100 to bring it to Europe with me this time.  Although I gave them a hard time, the angry lady behind the counter would not offer me any break.  This has changed in just these past few months.  Hopefully, the ski bag can fly home for free since I fly out of Vienna, which is operated by Austrian Airlines.  I won’t even go into the rest of the things that went wrong with this trip, the list is too long.

The Weather: My arrival brought about the coldest weather that Europe has seen in DECADES.  The temperature has not risen above freezing since I have arrived.  Last week, the highs were -15C=5F!  This week is a bit better, we’ve seen almost -5C=23F, which was WARM ENOUGH FOR SNOW.  Can you believe it?  It had to warm up for it to snow!  Last week, I stepped outside of a coffee-shop and SAW the cold.  I wish that I had my camera on me, because the cold was visible.  It wasn’t foggy, but everything was a hazy blue.

A Surprise: Dave and I were invited to a wedding in Jakarta, Indonesia!


Back in the USA!

November 1 2011

Yesterday, I flew back to the USA.  I walked out of Europe in the “citizens/EU” line because the foreigner line was too long … no questions were asked.  When I came back, I wrote that I was a US citizen, but a visitor to the states on the declaration form.  It worked quite well.  This is the first time I did not get 600 questions upon re-entering the USA.

I managed (luckily) to work the whole plane ride.  While eating lunch, I decided to take a break to watch a TV show.  The selection was quite poor this time round.  The Golden Girl episode was the same as the Golden Girl episode that I watched going to Europe in September!  And, there were fewer choices for episodes to watch then there usually are.  But, I watched 30 Rock.  It was the first time that I have seen that show.  It seemed pretty good.