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NY Philharmonic

May 22 2011

The other night I saw the NY Philharmonic perform in the Großer Sal of Musikverein.  This is the golden room, best known for “the new year’s concert” that takes place there every year.  It is gorgeous. Alan Gilbert was the conductor, and Lisa Batiashvili played on the violin.  Although I liked the violin + orchestra piece a lot, I think I liked the second half better (they performed Beethoven).  Of course, there was an encore as well … after far too many times of the conductor coming on/off stage.  In the end, my back was hurting from standing for so long, but it was defiantly worth it.  🙂

Michael, a visitor at IST Austria, gave me his standing room ticket for the event.  I arrived about 45 minutes early.  Early enough to be among the first half of the people there, but not early enough to be able to lean against the railing.  Luckily I met a guy in line who was a music student and was meeting a large group of people there.  I spoke with them before the concert began, but they disappeared after the intermission (perhaps they only came to see the violinist?).  Anyway, after they left I notice that someone was reading about topology.  So, I asked her what she was reading and why.  Then, I learned that she was finishing her PhD in algebraic topology and wanted to learn about Homology after attending one of Herbert’s talks.  Small world. Now I have a friend to go to concerts with, so I will probably go to many more in the next two months that I am here!

(On a side note: it amazes me that the English and German versions of Wikipedia are not just translations of each other.  They can say very different things, and even the pictures are often different!)