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The Crust

December 10 2012

With pizza, it’s all about the crust.  But, it’s hard to make good crust at home.  Usually, I cheat and just purchase pizza dough at the store.  Dave, however, does not like the store-bought pizza dough, so he has investigated the secrets to a good crust: buy the dough from a pizza place, and use a pizza stone and pizza paddle.  When this month’s issue of Everyday with Rachael Ray came in, I decided to make it with the dough from a local pizza parlor.  We don’t have the stone and paddle yet, but I followed Rachael’s recommendation to use an upside down cookie tray as a fake pizza stone and to place the pizza on parchment on a second tray.

The lesson I learned: don’t follow recipe directions for store-bought pizza dough with pizza-parlor-bought pizza dough. We placed the dough on parchment paper … and it stuck.  When we were eating, Dave was biting the pizza off of the parchment like you bite candy dots off of the paper they come on.  I used a knife to scrape off the filling of the pizza from the crust/parchment.  The pizza was delicious, but a complete and utter disaster.  [The stone and paddle are on our wedding registry though, for anyone reading who wants to make Dave happy].